28 September 2015

Many are still unaware of the harmful effects of smoking on health, economic, social and environmental. According to WHO, six million people die each year worldwide. Given this figure, it is, in our opinion, very important that as many people are aware “product that harms health, but continues to grow.” This, to act better, to be a better personal and collective.
Indeed, Cameroon Epidemiology of tobacco presents final figures: 17.5% of the population smoke with 28.8% men and 8.1% women. 37% of the population is exposed to tobacco smoke in public places and family environments. Young people under 15 are involved in 15% with a much higher prevalence in schools. 44% of students have tried tobacco which 5% before age 7 years. In academia 60% of smokers have about 20 years.
With this apocalyptic conclusion, the C3T, was given the mission to inform, raise awareness, educate Cameroonian people for real change in smoking behavior. This for the advent of a world without death and without smoking-related diseases through the adoption of a tobacco control law in Cameroon.
To do this, an awareness media campaign was launched on the airwaves different televisions of the country. A 45-second commercial that describes the harmful effects of smoking in the lives of Cameroonians. It calls the state the need for the adoption of an anti smoking law.
A campaign with the support of the American Cancer Society (ACS), the African fight against tobacco Consortium (ATCC) and Alliance for Tobacco Control in Africa (ACTA).

video will be broadcast live on: http://youtu.be/Js_0AN-UyTo

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