TV News Report Shows How Serious TI Advertising and Promotion Is Around Schools In Cameroon

17 January 2017

The tobacco industry continues to find ways of infiltrating control policies to carry out promotion and marketing of its products around schools in Cameroon.

This of course has grave consequences, with students actually falling prey to industry tactics and getting initiated into smoking.

In this News Report (in French) produced by one of our partner TV Stations, Equinoxe TV, we see that the industry succeeds in initiating children into smoking with such aggressive marketing of their products around schools.

The video is on a Press Conference organized by C3T in collaboration with the African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA) in November 2016.

The Press Conference was aimed among other things, at recognizing efforts of the government of Cameroon in collaborating with C3T to foster tobacco control in the country, but more especially to remind state officials that the problem remains serious and that they need to act fast to get solutions.

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