Tobacco and women: A deadly relationship

8 March 2016

The equal consumption of cigarettes, men and women do not share the same risk. For anatomical and hormonal reasons, the fair sex would be more sensitive to the toxicity of cigarettes.

Smoking has become a true phenomenon in women. So, today, women smoke as much as men and young girls smoke more than boys. And Cameroonians are not on the sidelines of this trend. Also, meeting a girl pulling full puffs on a cigarette is of great banality. About 1,1million adult's smokers, women represent 4.3% of the population. Prisoners of the social appeal of smoking, they continue to smoke into adulthood. So apparently cope with stress, show off, imitating parents or smoking friends. The results: these addicts suffer from horribly butt in with breathe of jackal… And it goes from bad to worse, because although women face the same health risks as smoking men, but incur additional special risks often overlooked and neglected.

Focus on the dangers of smoking among women

Skin Changes: Tobacco clearly causes damage to the skin, so beloved in the eyes of women. Essentially, there is a premature aging skin, the frequent occurrence of acne and poor wound healing after surgery.

Oral disorders: smoking aggravates dental disorders, with chronic infections or simple problems of halitosis (bad breath).

Cancer Risk: Tobacco promotes in addiction in addition to the risk of lung cancer, the emergence of cancers of the cervix and the bladder. However it has not been proven liability breast cancer Vis- a Vis tobacco. The publications on this subject, however, show a more severe prognosis in smokers with breast cancer. Thus smoking is the risk factor recognized the most important of the bladder cancers in women. It is responsible for more than half thereof.

Cardiovascular hazards: Cardiovascular risks such as heart attack and stroke(AVC) are dramatically higher for women smokers. Women smoking will greatly reduce cardiovascular risk by stopping to smoke.

Tobacco and pregnancy, high-risk household: Tobacco is also a major hazard to the fetus during pregnancy. Because it increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, sudden infant death. Smoking reduces fertility of women and advance the menopausal age of 1.5 to 2 years.

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