Tobacco: The prohibition of smoking in public administrations

23 November 2015
les administrations publics  camerounais veulent protéger de l'exposition à la fumée secondaire

Tobacco control is a public health priority: tobacco kills the smoker and the non smoker. Therefore to protect both smokers and known smokers, banning smoking in collectively used spaces to experts is the most efficient means.

Tobacco, Killing will not be more than us! In Gandalf mode, the administrations responsible of Cameroonian public seems determined to reduce the fetal effects of tobacco use. In effect, for a while, the locals of certain administrations either of individual use or collective usage, are henceforth non-smoking. Also, the administrative agents need to go out of the premises to smoke.

Worried concerning the health of populations, the minister of public health is the first Cameroonian public administration to experiment the smoke-free environment concept. This within the decision n°0222/D/MSP/SG/DMPNP of 8 November 1988carrying the prohibition of smoking within institutions and training centers belonging to the Ministry of Public health. Given the favorable welcome of this decision by populations and health professionals, many public administrations are today conscious of the need to protect populations from the exposition of tobacco smoke. It is the case of the Yaounde Urban Council (YUC), which within the service note no 1913 of 12 June 2007, launch the operation “Nonsmoking in the interior“. This operation consists of convincing the personnel and users not to smoke in the premises of the YUC. In the ministry of finance, same situation noticed. Illustrated by the signing of the letter N°07/788/CF/L/MINEFI/DRH/SP of 15 June 2007carrying the ban of smoking within all structures of the ministry of the Economy and finance. In this fight against the exposition to secondhand smoke, the administrations responsible for education are not left behind. Also, in the Ministry of Basic Education, the circular-letter N° 012/B1/1464/MINEDUB/SG/DRH/SDSSAPPS of 17 August 2007carrying the creation of smoke-free spaces and anti-tobacco clubs in school milieu and transform school environments to be «Smoke-free spaces». In the Ministry of Social Affairs, to reduce social problems of tobacco consumption, the signing of the circular-letter No2014/AS/LC/MINAS/SG/DSN/SDLCES/SLCFS ban smoking in all central services of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Measures that seems to interest nonsmokers and smokers given that all applied for the wellbeing of communities.

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